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Miracle Flights For Kids Primarily Helps Low-Income Families

November 17, 2015
When a family discovers that their child has been stricken with disease or some type of dangerous medical condition, it is always going to be tragic and stressful. One of the main stress inducing issues, though, is how to pay for the whole process of seeking, obtaining, and going through treatments. This is especially true of those treatments which are not located in the state where the families live.

Traveling to receive medical treatments in other states is not inexpensive and it is time-consuming to beat. Every treatment means missing time at work for the parents on top of paying for treatments and transportation. Miracle Flights for Kids aims to take one of these stressful factors out of the equation for struggling families. Miracle Flights for Kids provides the financial backing to obtain commercial flights for children who are going out of state to receive medical treatments. Miracle Flights for Kids' services are available to low-income families with children who have serious medical issues that require treatment outside of their state. Miracle Flights for Kids was founded in 1985 and has grown in scope and size since that time. The non-profit has done a wealth of work during that time, coordinating more than 90,000 flights for children getting specialized treatments. This includes some fifty-million miles of medical air travel.